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PJC Security integrates with Sage 300 Project Job Costing to restricts user's access to permitted contracts only.  Users will be able to enter transactions and view Contracts which they are authorized to work with.

PJC Security

The authorization is based on the first Contract Segment defined in PJC Options: if the first segment is defined in the PJC Setup as department, branch or division, users can inquire and use only Contracts of their own departments, branches or divisions.


The areas which can be controlled by the application encompass the following:

  • Using PJC Contracts in A/R and A/P invoices.
  • Using PJC Contracts in P/O transactions.
  • PJC Contract Maintenance and PJC transactions.
  • A number of predefined PJC reports.


On the supported screens, users can inquire only for documents which do not contain any restricted Contracts in the entries or detail lines. Otherwise, the document is hidden in Finders or skipped during navigation.  PJC Security also controls user access to PJC information via reports. Users can print 7 predefined PJC reports that display the Contract information only if the user is authorized to work with the Contract.  All other PJC reports are hidden for the restricted users.

The application does not affect non-job-related transactions.

Supports Sage 300 ERP V6.0 and above.


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