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The Asset Accounting module provides the basic functionality for processing asset accounting transaction, including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment and disposal.  Asset merge and split are also available in this module.

 Asset listing report


  • Separates depreciation for book or tax purpose respectively.
  • Runs depreciation for a range of assets for any number of periods.YOUTUBE Video
  • Depreciation calculation uses standard or user-defined formula.
  • Depreciation can be reversed back to beginning period of the current year.
  • Depreciation Projection facilitates the financial planning.
  • Fully supports the US MACRS/ARCS rules and Canadian Tax Pooling.



  • Acquires the WIP or normal asset.
  • Integrates with PO to manage the asset acquisition process.
  • Issues IC item to create WIP or normal asset.
  • Acquisition entry books the transaction and defines the asset information.
  • A/P invoice batch is automatically created from acquisition batch.



  • Changes asset value or salvage value for book or tax purpose .
  • Changes asset year depreciation. .
  • Transfers assets between cost centers, and locations. .
  • Changes asset life, depreciation method and rate for book or tax purpose.



  • Asset is disposed at user-specified proceeds amount with user-defined proceeds account
  • AR invoice or IC receipt can be generated from asset disposal batch to handle the proceeds process.



  • One asset is split to multiple assets.
  • Multiple assets are merged to one asset.



  • Batch Listing.
  • GL Transaction
  • Provisional Revaluation
  • Accumulated Depreciation
  • Depreciation by Period
  • Depreciation Projection
  • US Depreciation Worksheet
  • Asset History
  • Capitalization Analysis
  • Asset Listing
  • Asset Schedule
  • PO Receipt Audit List
  • Master Assets and Components


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