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What differential a retail POS is the ability to integrate seamlessly to your back-end Sage 300 Accounting System.

This direct seamless integration means you have one point of maintenance for your Inventory, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Bank and Tax Information.

Suitable for use in a small to medium retail & F&B businesses through to an organization with multiple retail locations connected through Terminal Services or polled through the Internet.

The Orion Point of Sale system is the definitive Sage 300 point of sale system and was developed to function in just about any retail organization handling whole goods inventory. The system was designed to function independently of, yet still integrate deeply with Sage 300 corporate accounting data.

Designed to fit your Business, the Orion Point of Sale System is a scalable solution which can grow with your business.  It is easy to add new retail locations, new tills or modules to the system, expanding its functionality.


Key Features:

Point Of Sale - The Point of Sale (POS) module was developed for use in Microsoft Windows and takes full advantage of the capabilities of Windows to deliver touch screen and programmable keyboard technology. Further, it was developed to incorporate POS equipment and integrate tightly with the Inventory and Accounting data. This ultimately translates into ease of use.

Backoffice -The Back Office or Management Console contains all of the administrative and reporting components of the system including an integrated remote polling module. In addition, much of the information generated by the system is immediately available in reports or in graphical form.

Technology - The Orion POS utilizes UNC and/or IP based database referencing to bring the speed, reliability, affordability and versatility of Internet protocol-based technologies to the point-of-sale. Retailers who embrace IP-enabled Point of Sale will gain the greatest market advantage due to faster transaction processing times, "Always-on" capability, Lower costs of support, Support for both "thin" and "fat" client terminals, Integration with Web Services" (for such things as high speed credit card clearing).

Multiple Locations - The Orion Point of Sale System ships with integrated "Remote Polling" capabilities built in. This means that you can share data amongst a number of retail locations automatically.

Setup - Easy to Install, easy to setup and easy to maintain. Because the Orion Point of Sale System relies on existing corporate Inventory and Accounting Data, a significant part of the installation, setup and ongoing maintenance can be completely avoided.

Integration -Regardless ofthe type of retail business thatyou operate, Orion Point of Sale should be a good Fit. Orion POS has the ability to operate in a Business to Business (B2B) or a Business to Consumer (B2C) retail environment.

"Touch Screen" Support - The Orion Point of Sale System has a fully programmable button menu system integrated into the POS. This means that the usability of the touch screen aspect of the POS can be greatly enhanced and makes the Orion Point of Sale System suitable for use in businesses where high speed data entry via touch screen is an asset (i.e. Fast Food Restaurants). The POS Module can also be operated through the keyboard, with or without a mouse, or without a keyboard or mouse through the use of a touch-screen.

The Orion Point of Sale System supports a wide range of dedicated POS equipment (like slip printers, Customer Displays, etc.).

Integrated Sage 300 Point of Sale Software (Sage 300 POS)

The Orion Point of Sale System is a fast, full featured, easy to use Point of Sale System designed to integrate directly with the award winning Sage 300 Accounting System.

Most importantly, the Orion Point of Sale System takes advantage of a high degree of integration to the accountig system to simplify ongoing maintenance and ensure that you business operates efficiently with a minimum amount of administration. This high degree of reliance on the accounting system also allows Orion Point of Sale to be simple to maintain and easy for your employees to learn.

Orion Point of Sale has the unique ability to post transaction EITHER through the Order Entry Module OR directly to the accounting subledgers. This feature is a significant advantage to organizations that use the order entry module and require consolidated transaction informaton. If you do not requre the Order Entry Module in your business, posting to the sub modules delivers fast, efficient, and intuitive accounting integration.

Orion Point of Sale can integrate any of the standard point of sale equipment that you require including Barcode Scanners, Slip Printers, Customer Displays, Cash Drawers, Touch Screen Monitors or whatver is necessary in your business.


Min. requirement :

Orion POS works with Sage Accpac ERP 100, 200 and 500.

Orion POS works with Sage Accpac versions: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 6.0

Orion POS integrates with the following Sage Accpac modules:

GL, AR, IC, OE, Bank and Tax, Serialized Inventory (optional).


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