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Logistic IntercompanyLogistic Intercompany Transaction module (L/I) provides a solution to automate handling of  Inventory buying and selling transactions between different companies in Sage 300.


L/I is developed for Sage 300 users that has multiple companies with inventory transactions exchange between companies.



Company Database A issue a PO-PO to intercompany Vendor B.
Company Database B will generate a OE-SO from intercompany customer A.

Company Database B revised a OE-SO Sales Price for intercompany customer A.
Company Database A's Cost of PO-PO will be updated.
Company Database B create a OE-SH to intercompany customer A.
Company Database A will generate a PO-RC from intercompany Vendor B .

By using of L/I Module, there is no manual duplicate entry.  L/I module will help to trace interco transactions and create the correspondence Sage 300 Intercompany Transaction according to L/I settings.


Key Features :

  • User defined Intercompany process.
  • User defined L/I customers & Vendors.
  • L/I transactions automatically created across Sage 300 companies.
  • Create Order Confirmation and Purchase Order by automation when receive the Purchase Order from another company.
  • Create Shipment and Sales Invoice by automation after receive the item.
  • Create PO Invoice by automation after OE Invoice generated from another company.
  • Process Intercompany Transactions by batch process.
  • Integrate with Invoice Plus Module, define the invoice number formats for what you need.
  • Transaction History for audit trail.
  • Developed by Sage 300 SDK.


Benefits :

  • Saving your time and cost, free from manual input most of intercompany transaction documents.
  • Ability to trace the intercompany transaction documents status and the procedure.


Min. System Requirements:

  • Sage 300 SM 5.5 With SP2
  • Sage 300 AR 5.5 With SP2
  • Sage 300 AP 5.5 With SP2
  • Sage 300 OE 5.5 With SP2
  • Sage 300 PO 5.5 With SP2


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