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Sage 300 InvoiceNow FAQ

Updated as of 16 July 2021

What is Peppol?

Peppol is an international E-Document delivery network allowing enterprises to transact with other linked companies.

Peppol appears to be ‘European-based’. How will this apply to Singapore?

Originating from Europe, Peppol is also being adopted in markets beyond Europe. Peppol is in use in 28 countries in Europe plus Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and USA with Peppol Authorities placed in 13 countries. Currently, there are OpenPeppol members in 34 countries in total. OpenPeppol has certified Access Points in 26 European countries plus Canada, Singapore and USA. Please refer to Peppol reach and country profiles here.

Is Sage 300 InvoiceNow module free?

Yes, the Sage 300 InvoiceNow module is free and no additional fee is required on top of your active annual Sage cover. However, Access Point Providers, who provides the delivery layer to transmit and receive E-invoices, may charge a fee to deliver your E-Invoices.

How do I sign up for Sage 300 InvoiceNow?

You will just need to be on valid Sage Cover to be eligible to install the Peppol module on Sage 300 and contact your Sage Business Partner. However, the first step to start sending E-Invoices is to register for a Peppol ID through a Sage 300 Peppol Registration Program. Please contact your Sage Business Partner to register for your Peppol ID before 31 Dec 2020 and be eligible for a SG$200 E-Invoicing Registration Grant from IMDA.

Do I need to install anything?

Yes, there is an installation required. You will only need to install the InvoiceNow module – to do this contact your Sage Business Partner.

Do I need to register on Peppol even if I am just receiving E-invoices but not sending?

Yes, you will need to register on the Peppol network to receive e-invoices from your suppliers/vendors. Your suppliers/vendors need your Peppol ID to send e-invoices to you.

Are there any changes to my current Sage 300 workflow to send/receive invoices?

There is no change to your current workflow. The only difference is that the InvoiceNow module will help to send your E-invoice to your customer’s Peppol Id instead of their email address. When you receive E-invoices from your suppliers, the invoices will appear as draft invoice in your Sage 300 automatically which allow you to import to Accounts Payable invoices. There is no manual data entry required.

Is my E-invoice secure?

The E-invoices are sent to and received from Peppol Access Point Provider via encrypted transport using SSL. Only parties with valid signature are authorised on the network.

Will I be able to recall an E-invoice after sending it?

No, sent e-invoices cannot be recalled. There is no feature/function to recall a sent invoice. In order to cancel the incorrect invoice, we recommend the supplier to send out a credit note and reference to the wrongly sent invoice to cancel the incorrect invoice.

Does E-invoice need to meet the legislated GST requirements on the contents of tax invoice?

Yes, you do need comply with IRAS’s GST requirements. E-invoices are valid as evidence.

Are consumer invoices are supported by Sage 300 InvoiceNow?

No, InvoiceNow only covers business to business transactions. Business to Consumer transactions are not covered.

Are my suppliers and customers are on the network?

You would be able to search for the Peppol Id of your business partners in Peppol Directory. If you would like to specifically search for Peppol Ready Singapore-registered businesses, you can search by name or by UEN number, do remember to add a “0195:SGUEN” in front of the UEN in your search string.

Will the government be able to see the details of my invoices?

No, under current regulation government is not able to access or track your e-invoices. The routing of e-invoices through the network is on a direct peer to peer basis between the sending and receiving Access Point Providers.