VPS Hosting

With Databit Sage 300 Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting program,  you have no worry about the cost of maintaining and upgrading on-premises server.

At Databit, we understand your challenges when your business expands.  Our Sage 300 VPS hosting program supports scalable and easy upgrade path to a higher server spec such as CPU speed, larger RAM and hard-disc space whenever you need them.

When you host your Sage 300 under VPS program - your data security, privacy and confidentiality will also be safeguard under our stringent data protection and privacy policies and procedures.


Sage 300 VPS benefits:-vps hosting

  • Administrator control over the server.
  • Install any software you wish.
  • Assisted by qualified professionals.
  • Windows 2008 server operating system.
  • Protected by firewall.
  • UPS backup.
  • Dual ISP ip addresses.
  • and many more...


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