Server Co-location

When your Sage 300 server become complex and mission critical that beyond your own management capabilities, you would need a reliable IT partner to provide peace of mind advanced managed co-location services.

Server Co-location

As the operating hub for network service delivery, our mini data center provides 'best-of-breed' technologies that supports many mission critical servers.  With more than 2 decades of expertise, Databit has the abilities to provide always available, scalable, networking solutions for companies seeking more reliable IT functionality at a low running cost.

Through our co-location and managed services, we satisfy your company's data center performance objectives and expectations for fast and seamless growth.

Additionally, our mini data center co-location package include managed services including data backup services, patch management services, monitoring services, and configuration services without additional cost. These out-sourced services take the place of the cost of having the in-house staffing and tools required to execute these tasks.

Sage 300 server co-location and out-sourced managed services play a strategic role in modern IT operations. Companies that make use of data center co-location can count on achieving faster IT services delivery than those that undertake a data center design and construction project.


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