Hosted Deployment

Hosted DeploymentAs you are aware - your Sage 300 perpetual license can either be deployed on-premises or cloud hosted.  There are many advantages using cloud hosted deployment - data security, cost savings, compliance to business continuity/contingency plan, enhanced user productivity, peace of mind and many more...

Databit has more than 2 decades of experience securing your data privacy when cloud hosting your Sage 300.  We have installed many comprehensive policies and procedures to safeguard your data privacy and confidentiality. 

These have served our clients well over the years as we have never experienced a single instance of data confidentiality breach.  Our top-priority will always be our clients' data security and we will continue to strengthen such practices for the coming years.


Our Sage 300 hosted deployment offers both webscreen and classic/legacy user interface.

When we host your Sage 300 - all you need is just Internet connection to gain access.  No software installation needed.  You enjoy the convenience of hassle free immediate anytime and anywhere access while saving on IT hardware, infrastructure and professional maintenance fees.


Sage 300 hosted deployment benefits:

  • No hardware cost.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Access anywhere, anytime.
  • Daily auto-backup.
  • and many more...


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