Empower your mobile salesforce to create quotations, sales orders, shipment, invoices and record payments instantly and remotely, and post the documents into Sage 300 real time.  With SalesAnywhere, there is no need of data entry in the back office.



The Solution

SalesAnywhere uses web service technology and the Sage 300 SDK to provide real-time online posting of transactions from phones or tablets when salesmen are on the road.

Developed using Sage 300 SDK, it distinguishes itself from others without the need to install and customized a costly and error prone "integration" module - a costly mistake which often overlooked.


Impress your customers by creating and sending them quotations instantly in front of them, instead of days later.salesAnyWhere pda

Sales orders

Create sales orders remotely and post them in Sage 300 0/E right away.

Shipment and invoicing

If physical products or services are delivered to customers by mobile salesmen, shipments and invoices can be generated and posted as well on the spot, and payments recorded.

Document inquiry

Salesmen can also look up previous orders in Sage 300 and amend them, or continue with the sales cycle when goods are delivered to the customers.


Put your salesmen in control of reminding their customers of overdue payments.  They would be glad as their commissions depend on full customer payments.

Main benefits

Shortened sales cycles


Since there is no back office data entry, the more sales transactions processed with SalesAnyWhere, the more time and resources saved

Accurate inventory and accounting

Customer satisfaction

Quick implementation



Phones or tablets

Windows desktop version (available for sales orders, shipment and invoicing only)

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